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Related tool: Data services (the native ETL tool in BW)

SAP Business warehouse

SAP business warehouse (BW) provides market-leading enterprise-class data warehousing functionality, a business intelligence platform, and a suite of business intelligence tools for reporting on the data contained in the data warehouse. With the acquisition of BusinessObjects, SAP’s focus has been moved towards the data warehousing functionality itself – and away from reporting. The data warehousing capabilities are truly enterprise-ready, covering all aspects of an enterprise data warehouse. Combined with SAP HANA, SAP BW provides a unique in-memory data warehouse. 

Jacob Lund


SAP HANA is the best in-memory platform for building complex business intelligence systems with real-time analytics. You may build the next generation of applications on the SAP HANA platform – a powerful foundation to help you deliver groundbreaking innovations for less. Now, due to the innovations of SAP HANA, you may also combine high-volume transactions with analytics to provide applications that dramatically improve planning and business analysis. 


The idea behind SAP HANA

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Solution: Planning with the speed of mind (HANA adds the ability to react fast on big data sets)

Søren Ravn

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Related tool: Integration services (is the native ETL tool in MS SQL)


Microsoft SQL server data warehousing gives customers an enterprise-ready platform that includes high availability, a generational leap in performance with xVelocity in-memory technologies, and integrated BI capabilities exposed through familiar Office tools, such as Excel and SharePoint. With MS SQL, you get a mission-critical data warehouse platform at the fraction of the cost to acquire, operate, and maintain. 

Søren Ravn