SAP Business Warehouse


We are very experienced with the SAP BW (Business Information Warehouse); and we know the possibilities and limitations of the system. We are always willing to give an up to date and honest advice, to help you make the important business decisions you are facing.

Our key focus areas are:

  • In order to be able to deliver the required information the data foundation has to be in place – independent of the front end tools to be used. Through our many SAP BW projects we have gained a detailed knowledge and are able to cover every aspect of the SAP BW. SAP has stated that the SAP BW will continue to be the platform for SAP BI (Business Intelligence), including BusinessObjects
  • Business Planning is also a vital process in every company, and therefore an important part of our competences in 4C. Whether it is done in BPS (Business Planning and Simulation), Integrated Planning or BPC (BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation) we are able to help you implement a new solution or review your current to suggest improvements
  • Business Consolidation is essential in all companies and 4C is able to delivers solutions based on either SAP BCS (Business Communication Services) or BPC

Our experience is not only implementing BI solutions but also project management, project scoping, upgrades, strategic advisory, training, process and policy advisory.

4C Management Consulting has experiences from more than 50 SAP BW implementations covering industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, financial, products and utilities. Our consultants have on average more than 7 years’ experience with SAP BW.